Saturday, May 6

-50 DKP!!!!

Thank christ - hurrah for the weekend!!!

I finally got back to raiding with Dominion, after a couple of weekends away with Candu (my pet Brigand), and boy does absence make the heart grow fonder. We spent Friday night exploring some new content added for the l33t raid guilds and I had a blast - not least because of this (see piccy)You need to turn the speakers up to get the best effect... Anyways the raid loved the link, and we may have wiped because I was busy watching it at one point, so sorry about that Torranto.

We have also been blessed with some sunny and windy weather in the last few days, something to get excited about as this is now prime kite flying season!! Woo hoo for that! I managed to get some flying done with a Revolution EXP, a little different from the kites I usually drive around.

It certainly was a lot of fun, after a few early crashes I stopped over controlling the kite and started to use small input movements. The signature Rev dive - stop maneuver looks fantastic when the kite finishes 6 inches off of the floor and then just reverses away. Ill post more on these great kites next week, when I have had a few more hours with one. For now - I have to dash, it's my mums birthdayMonday (happy birthday mum!) So I need to go and jump on a train.

In the mean time - enjoy the link, it's great to be back Dominion :) Now go THROW MORE DOTS!!!


Monday, May 1

Monday Madness

Well a happy bank holiday Monday for everyone! I absolutely love 3 day weekends - even when one of the days is spent in work.

For those that don't know May Day is quite the event here in Oxford, not least because pubs and bars are granted a 24 hour license, with over 1000 students and local residents attending each year. At 5:30am on 1/4 people congregate (in many cases a bit drunkenly) outside of Magdalen College where the morning is greeted with choral singing, morris dancing and a procession down the high street. Needless to say my May Day started at around 7pm on Sunday.

In past years it has been traditional for young university virgins to gather at Magdalen bridge, where they cast themselves en masse into the river below as a sacrifice to the gods of debauchery (or whatever). However the act of jumping 20 feet into 2 feet of water is not without its hazards, and past years have seen many broken legs / ankles. As we made our way towards the bridge this morning, virgins in tow, we were greeted by police barriers baring our access. Could this be a sign that Oxford takes the welfare of its undergraduates seriously?!

Thankfully Tarquin (or whoever) still managed to throw himself 20 feet to a hard landing by cunning use hedge hopping to the jubilation of the gathered crowds, but unfortunately no serious injury resulted. The revelers and 'jumpers' remained peacable (mostly because they were having much trouble focusing) but in a stroke of moronic inspiration Oxfords Finest decided to keep the bridge closed for over an hour, handily trapping half of the population of Oxford by the (still open) pubs. Not an opportunity that I missed.

It's now 1:00pm and my May Day is becoming more of a slog. Something to do with lots of alcohol and no sleep? Again I am demonstrating experiments in the undergraduate labs and predictably the turn out is miserable, those that have turned up are looking very hung over - which is cheering me up a bit.